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Goodbye tapes!

// February 13th, 2009 // Geeky Stuff, General

What was the one problem with the new car? The stereo. It came with a cassette player that, sadly, busted a long time ago. Ya stick a tape in there and it won’t play cos the motor’s gone, and the eject button is borked as well. In order to listen to anything, I had to use an FM transmitter, but the aerial was snapped off ages ago so the reception wasn’t fantastic. SOOOOoooo……

Say hello to my new stereo, supporting MP3 CDs, USB and Aux in! I was gonna get one that used an SD card but it dawned on me that I’d be limited to 2Gb on each card (since the only one I could find didn’t support SDHC). This one’s good cos it supports up to 8Gb USB sticks, maybe even higher for all I know.

I was gonna get some speakers too but the fellah in the shop said I should notice a big improvement in sound quality by just having the new stereo. I wasn’t sure but I went ahead and, sure enough, it’s soooo much better!! Time to sort out my music, methinks…

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