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Ta radiac, for helping me increase security on the diary 🙂

I also took the liberty to include this news script on my Pointless Fanatics website as well. It’s made things so much easier now. Before, Dan would e-mail me the news he wanted on the site and I’d have to cut+paste it onto the site AND archive the old news manually. Now, he can go do it himself 😛

Happy Easter!

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Upon awakening tired and confused this morning, I set my clocks forward an hour and go in search for a cup of tea… which I find. Had a scrummy easter dinner with my folks earlier this afternoon and I got a 6-pack of Creme Eggs ‘n all. Nice one.

Finally got hold of a replacement copy of Office XP cos the one I had went missing. Now Matt can have his pooter tomorrow.

A new beginning

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Whey-hey!!! We’ve got ourselves a diary! This should come in handy quite a bit.

The router is nearing completion. I’ve got a 52x cd-rom, new floppy and new AMD 150Mhz motherboard to play with. Unfortunately, I can’t find my copy of debian, so I hafta download it again. That should be ready in a day or so *sigh*.

And I’m going out tonight. Better stay close to Helen… one of the places our crew’s stopping off at is known to be a hotspot for gays. I’m not havin’ any of that!!

BTW A big hand to radiac for helping me with this. I didn’t need his help on this as much as I did for the random text thingie… maybe I’m starting to get used to this perl lark…