I’m fooking knackered!

// April 8th, 2002 // Geeky Stuff, General

First day back at uni today… I’m knackered! Probably because I had to get up at a decent time (7:50am!) and then had lectures and tutorials throughout the day, 9-6! Still, Monday’s are always the roughest. At least tomorrow I can sleep in cos I’m not supposed to be in until 3pm 🙂

I’m starting to get my head around ASP now, hopefully just enough to keep the boss happy. I still think we should’ve used unix servers instead of W2K ones, we’d have the sites up and running by now and I’d be trouble free *sigh* Still, I got my student loan payment today, just enough to spend on booze on Thursday night.

*Yawn* My god I’m really tired. I might retire early tonight… or maybe just brew up a pot of coffee and sit back to watch another Star Trek Voyager vid.

I just had a look at a couple of websites that I wanna buy from, just tempting myself really. Hmmm, when should I get that X-Port 2 from codejunkies? I’d really like one but after seeing all the troubles other peeps were having trying to get hold of one I might not bother 😐 *shrugs* Maybe later…

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