X-Port v2

// April 26th, 2002 // Geeky Stuff, General

A few days ago I’d bought the Datel XtremePak from GAME (Includes Action Replay2 v2, X-Port v2 and Datel *crappy* keyboard – I was gonna sell the keyboard to a mate of mine but not anymore, you’ll see why). I got it because it was soooo damn hard to get hold of the X-Port v2 from the Codejunkies website… but the box set only had 1 CD for the X-Port, which was the PC software disc. After phoning Datel’s customer support, I decided to send the box set back. D’ya know why? Because the nice lady on the phone (She sounded giggly and cute 🙂 ) told me they had some in stock, so I ordered one there and then. It arrived today…

I’m gonna send the XtremePack back either today or tomorrow but I’m gonna get another 8Mb Memory Card. I really need one cos the other one’s chocca-block!

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