The birth of a new era!!!

// December 16th, 2002 // Geeky Stuff, General

Aye, it is indeed the birth of a new era, for I finally hauled my arse and got that router put together…. ish. Got a phone call off Helen saying she needed a pooter to do her Uni work and asked if she could borrow my laptop. After giving her the sad news that it was comatosed, I offered to salvage the hard drive and put it in the machine which was to be the router.

I stayed up all night to sort that out! I haven’t slept in more than 36 hours, but I finally prevailed… ish.

I wanted it to have:
Windows 98SE, a working CD-ROM drive and Microsoft Word 97 on it.

Instead I had to make do with:
Windows 95, Wordpad.

That machine was such an arse to configure I just gave up in the end! But really, she doesn’t need anymore than that to do her work, she said so herself.

Here’s some pictures to enlighten you…
(Click them for a closer look)


That’s the machine under construction. You can see my 52x CD-ROM, the laptop hard drive (I only formatted 1.9Gb of it cos I didn’t really need the whole lot just yet), and the floppy drive at the back, sat on the power supply. There’s a couple of sets of DDR RAM still in there at the bottom of the case unused. I didn’t use ’em because this motherboard IIRC runs on EDO RAM and would throw a hissy fit if I put in the DDR RAM as well. On the left, there’s the sound card (Not necessary cos I’m not including speakers in the “package deal”) , the network card (Also unnecessary), and a 33.6kbps modem. Oh, and you should also see the keyboard for the machine peeking out from the right hand side.

There’s also two more HDDs there (1Gb and 4Gb) but they’re off-picture.


Here’s the finished product! Included in the shot are the keyboard, mouse and monitor that’re gonna be used. Now it’s ready to be taken over to Helen’s… As soon as Paul decides to show his face.

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