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Filling in an entry with my 7650

// January 23rd, 2003 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff

Hey there folks! I’ve just managed to get my phone to get onto the REAL internet! The software is sharewere mind, gonna pay for it as soon as i get home.

Got a few things done

// January 23rd, 2003 // No Comments » // Diet, Geeky Stuff

Lets see:

  • Moved the pooter to a proper computer desk in my room.
  • Set up the USB devices on said machine.
  • Starting Weight Watchers diet again.
  • Setup my Nokia 7650 to send/receive e-mails (Been quite useful).
  • Downloading South Park episodes.
  • Buying DVDs (Austin Powers 1+2, Dogma, Summit ’bout Mary)
  • Spending quality time with Helen.

That’s all, really. Right now I’m relaxing a little. Might pop out with Paul later tonight, dunno yet.

Hmm, so much to catch up on.

// January 19th, 2003 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff, General

I dunno where to begin, so I’ll just say stuff at random…

I’ve got my exams out of the way. I only had three but damn they were bastards!! I doubt I’ve passed any of them, really. I’ve only managed to get in approx. 24 hours revision for each of them (That might explain for it all). But they’re out of the way, so I’m relaxing now. (more…)