Pooter has improved… indeed it has!

// May 16th, 2003 // Geeky Stuff

To cut a long story short, I bid for a P3 800Mhz CPU and won. It was the Coppermine socket 370 style, so I had to get a new motherboard cos the one I had at the time was a slot 1 (totally different)… but that wasn’t the only reason. The board I had turns out it doesn’t support any higher than 650Mhz. So anyway, I went to bid for a new motherboard that supported up to 1.3Ghz. Yesterday it came through the mail… so now I’ve got a nice P3-800Mhz machine in the new sexy box. Quite an improvement from the last one, it’s almost double the speed than before (MORE than double if the last one wasn’t overclocked).

I wonder what kind of speeds I can get outta this one when I overclock it. I’m guessing at most 1.1Ghz, but I’m not doing that just yet. I wanna see if the system will stay stable for a while first. The CPU’s staying at a nice constant 31°C which is pretty good. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

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