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I’ve just broken a mirror! When I was cleaning up my room one day quite a while ago, I came across a 2″ x 1″ mirror with a sticky back… stuck to a pair of jeans! Bizarre, up to this day I’ve still no idea how it got there. Anyway, I stuck it on my monitor for a laugh. Recently though, it’s started to loose it’s stickyness and fell off a few times. When I got back home today, I sat in the chair and pulled it forwards… breaking the mirror. Turns out it fell off while I was away and now it’s shattered quite a bit. Just for the sake of it, I’ve stuck it back together as well as I could… but i’ll have to wait ’til mid 2010 before my bad luck wears off…

Big Brother Bugger up Big time

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I can only assume that the official Big Brother 4 website is down today because of the hacking competition thingie that was on. Because of this, I have resorted to going to O2’s BB WAP site to get the updates, and here’s a snippet from an entry that I thought was quite comical…


Day 45, 19:38 Scott, Lisa, Ray, Steph and Steph were chilling in the Reward Room when the subject of look-alikes came up…

Did you notice the mistake?

How good am I!?!?!?

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Today was the day of the infamous worldwide hack where, over the course of 6 hours, many hackers around the world will try to hack into as many sites as they can. The prize? 500Mb of webspace…

…which brings me to this post. I received an e-mail today from Notnet, the peeps who host my websites. Take a look at this.


Today was the date for the alleged website hacking contest where over 6,000 websites were to be hacked in a matter of hours, just so someone can have a little more webspace (sigh).

I thought it’d be in your best interest that you be notified about this. Just over 2 hours ago, 57 attacks were made at Notnet’s servers, 38 of which were targeted directly at where your website “” is kept. Thankfully, all of the attacks had failed and there has been no disruption to the servers.

I hope this is a good way of showing how safe websites are when they’re hosted by Notnet ūüėČ

Dan Brusca

Notnet Webhosting

Indeed it does, and I sharent be moving for quite a while.

Mum caught on cam!

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Before I left for my trip to Doncaster on Monday, I locked my room and left my webcam on in there so that I could keep an eye on it while I was away, using my Nokia 7650. When I checked it while on my way home on the coach, I noticed that I had an intruder: my mum!

After some interrogation, she says she went in to collect plates (As you can see, there’s one in her hand) but here’s the strange thing… When I found out I had an intruder, I checked the times… the picture was from just over 24 hours before I checked, which means either the webcam was unplugged or the pooter was turned off. After finding out my FTP server was off, I figured it was the latter and, indeed, the pooter was off when I got back… She denies turning it off, so I can only assume she accidently knocked the button. That power button is awfully sensitive, I really should take a look at it.