Times they are a-changing

// November 27th, 2003 // Geeky Stuff

Aged 20 –> Aged 21
Dreamweaver MX –> Dreamweaver MX 2004
Flash MX –> Flash MX Professional 2004
Paint Shop Pro v7.04 –> Paint Shop Pro v8.0
WebcamXP Pro v1.04.700 –> WebcamXP Pro v1.06.962

Yup, things are upgrading a bit over the past couple of weeks. It’s not just my software, but the hardware as well. I’ve installed a new 550W gold-plated twin-fan power supply to my pooter, which has given me the opportunity to finally put in that PCI IDE card… sooo I’ve not got a third CD-ROM in my pooter now. I also recently bought a card reader of my own so that I can’t get in trouble if the folks’ reader goes missing. Then there’s the 128Mb dongle I got for my birthday as well.

Now for the end of the geeky stuff today… signing out

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