Pooter’s a little better than you thought.

// August 18th, 2004 // Geeky Stuff

Just yesterday morning I received through the mail a P3 1.2Ghz processor. Now I’m running 400Mhz faster than before (50% improvement). I can’t really tell if it’s made any difference at the moment cos I don’t have enough space on my HDD for any detailed games (e.g. Vice City, UT2005 etc.). I’m gonna wait til my 50 4x DVD-R’s come through the mail from eBay, then I can free up loads of space!

On another note, my file server has been finished for ages now and I’ve yet to update my site with the info. I’ll get it sorted sometime soon… Just as soon as I’m no longer under such high demand!

Oh, and I’m applying for a number of full-time jobs. Hopefully I will be victorious!

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