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Happy New Year!

// December 31st, 2005 // No Comments » // General

I would just like to wish everyone a very happy new year! I sincerely hope that it’s better than last year.

It bloody well better be for me!

Another PSP title

// December 28th, 2005 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff

I decided to get myself Pro Evolution Soccer 5 for my PSP. I’ve already got it for my PS2 but you can connect the two versions together and update each others data. It looks really crisp and clear on a PSP screen. There are a couple of snags though. For a start, there’s no master league, and no cup tournaments either! All there is are league tournaments and match play games as well. It also takes an age to load a match, and unfortunately there’s no commentary. Guess the latter one is expected because the UMD format is so small. There’s the added bonus of wireless head-to-head matches though. I just need to find someone else who has the game too…

Merry Christmas!

// December 25th, 2005 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff, General

Merry Christmas everyone! Remember everyone… you’re not HAPPY at Christmas, you’re MERRY! And don’t stoop so low as to call it Xmas… and definitely don’t go as far as saying Happy Xmas because it just doesn’t work at all!

So what did I get? A bottle of JD (which won’t last long!), a mini fridge, a coffee maker, a fair bit of money… ooh, what else… oh yes, and this…

I also got GTA: Liberty City Stories with it too. It’s so unbelievably close to the PS2’s GTAs its scary! I think I might go get another game or two though because, even though GTA is brilliant, I don’t think I could play one game over and over again continuously.

Life (18 Rated)

// November 20th, 2005 // No Comments » // General

That’s better! Why not take my BRITISH rating quiz? Click here to take the test.

Life (R rated)

// November 20th, 2005 // No Comments » // General

R Rating
My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

I’m quite chuffed with this. I’ve seen others go on who’re rated PG or PG-13 and so on. I wish there was a British version of this though, cos it’d be funny to have an “18” rating on this site…

30 teeth

// November 16th, 2005 // No Comments » // General

Well finally, today I’ve had the other wisdom tooth taken out. Just as unpleasant as the last time, but it doesn’t seem to be bleeding as much as it did before. I’m kinda glad it’s out now, even though my gob is throbbing like hell. When it was pulled out, the dentist was ever so kind as to show me it, and it was black as the night itself and severely decayed. Better out than in then!


// October 24th, 2005 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff

My PC is now up and running again, as good as new! I’ve installed everything I need, including a few things I didn’t have installed before (Freehand and Visual Studio, to name a couple) and the machine is STILL running loads faster than it did before. How do I know this for sure? Last night Microsoft AntiSpyware ran a scan on my machine and it took 20 minutes. Before, it would take 50+ mins!

And here’s me thinking about upgrading my PC. I think I might do anyway…

Heuston, we have a problem…

// October 23rd, 2005 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff

Tip: If your computer starts making funny clunking noises, be sure to backup everything of importance and go get a new hard drive. On Wednesday night it was doing exactly that. Even after a surface test and defrag it was still making the clunking. Then the next morning it just went off and the BIOS wouldn’t detect it! Bloody useless thing!

Then on Friday I got it working again! Hastely I copied all the important things off the drive (documents, downloads, emails etc). Then, a minute after I finished backing everything up, I got the blue screen of death! I haven’t had this on my computer for years, not since I first installed Windows XP on my PC. D’ya know what caused it? A chip on the faulty HDD… black as the night itself, bubbled, and burnt around the connectors to the circuit board. It must’ve shorted out or something.

Anyway, I’m in the process now of sorting out my 200Gb drive to boot up the pc instead and hopefully all will be well in the next 24 hours time!

31 teeth

// October 19th, 2005 // No Comments » // General

Well, I’ve had one of my teeth out now. I was under the impression that I was going to have both out but that’s getting done another day, approximately a month from now. The whole procedure felt really weird, but I have to admit the most painful part of it was the injection. Once it kicked in, the tooth came out (albeit with some tugging) painlessly.

Now all I can taste is blood. Take THAT Brams Stokes!!

32 teeth

// October 19th, 2005 // No Comments » // General

As of approximately 2:15pm today, I will no longer have all 32 teeth in my gob. I’m getting two wisdom teeth removed today and I’m not looking forward to it. The last time I had teeth removed was when I was very young and, because I was (and probably still am but it doesn’t bother me anymore) lactose intolerant, I wasn’t getting all the calcium I needed so *pop* out they went! Today, two of my wisdom teeth are growing at a funny angle and are decaying since I can’t reach all sides of them properly.

There’s a big difference between this time and the last time though. Last time, I was put under general anethetic and had one of the more frontal teeth removed. I woke up in the waiting room with blood pouring out of my mouth! This time, I’m only under local anthethetic (since almost nowhere gasses anyone anymore) and I’m having TWO removed from as far back as you can possibly get in a mouth without poking at the uvula (for those who don’t know, that’s the dangly bit at the back of the throat). I certainly didn’t like being gassed – I still remember the smell of it now – but in comparison to being injected into twice and staying conscious, I would’ve certainly given the former option some consideration if it were an option.

I think this would be the perfect situation in which to find out if my new dentist is trustworthy or not…

Wish me luck peeps!