Keeping my promise… so far

// August 13th, 2005 // Geeky Stuff, General

Well here’s another diary entry, the 2nd within a week. That doesn’t happen too often. I haven’t had much free time recently what with having to go to work at unsociable hours and everything. I have, however, had the time to be introduced to a very peculiar game called Sentient, a 1st person 3D role playing game, dating as far back as 1997! Our lass bought it for her PC and she’d been having trouble getting it to run under Windows XP because it was originally made for Windows 95! A quick visit to the compatibility settings in XP soon solved that but it’s blocky as hell! It’s rather amusing though because it contains some of the best insults ever to be coded into a video game (“GO EAT YOUR FEET!!”) , as well as having actual realistic scripts for all the characters in the game (“The teleporter’s knackered!”).

Work today has gone a little more smoothly though, as I’ve not received a single wireless and talk call all day (Hope I’m not speaking too soon… I’m at work right now!). Note to all ADSL customers: Get out quick! Go for cable instead! Sure it’s more expensive but it’s a hell of a lot more reliable and, being honest, isn’t reliability worth the extra pennies?

Still trying to design a successful and professional looking website for Nemo, with the little time I have. I want something that will look really sharp but with a bit of colour too, like with the Flaming Lips site. Obviously I’m not going to do a complete rip off of the site but I’d like something like that.

Actually there’s something else I wanted to add – I managed to get all my news entries back! I owe it all to the WayBackMachine, which let me look into archived copies of my site from ages ago! If you look through the archive you’ll see them all. Granted there’s a year’s gap but I didn’t add anything to the news over that time anyway… cos it was down!

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