Someone PLEASE come up with a cold cure within the next 24 hours!

// October 10th, 2005 // Geeky Stuff

Woke up this morning… stinking cold! I don’t feel like crap yet but I can see that on the horizon. It’s only a matter of time before what is currently a cough becomes something catastrophic. Better keep up with my Vitamin C intake until it blows over.

I went to my first practical session at Uni today – Enterprise Web Development. We seem to be doing things a little slowly at first, because we spent two hours writing up on all the different web languages on the net and why they were introduced. It will probably be next week when we finally get unleashed onto Visual Studio 2005. That works out ok because I’ve currently got a copy of it downloading and it’s gonna take ages.

Then later, I had work. Oh my GOD I can’t believe how irritating Wanadoo’s Wireless & Talk really is! We’ve had a permanent light on the phone and it’s been driving me insane! It’s as if I’m the only person who’s answering these calls… doesn’t surprise me, like. Gah!!!

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