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Happy New Year!

// December 31st, 2005 // No Comments » // General

I would just like to wish everyone a very happy new year! I sincerely hope that it’s better than last year.

It bloody well better be for me!

Another PSP title

// December 28th, 2005 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff

I decided to get myself Pro Evolution Soccer 5 for my PSP. I’ve already got it for my PS2 but you can connect the two versions together and update each others data. It looks really crisp and clear on a PSP screen. There are a couple of snags though. For a start, there’s no master league, and no cup tournaments either! All there is are league tournaments and match play games as well. It also takes an age to load a match, and unfortunately there’s no commentary. Guess the latter one is expected because the UMD format is so small. There’s the added bonus of wireless head-to-head matches though. I just need to find someone else who has the game too…

Merry Christmas!

// December 25th, 2005 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff, General

Merry Christmas everyone! Remember everyone… you’re not HAPPY at Christmas, you’re MERRY! And don’t stoop so low as to call it Xmas… and definitely don’t go as far as saying Happy Xmas because it just doesn’t work at all!

So what did I get? A bottle of JD (which won’t last long!), a mini fridge, a coffee maker, a fair bit of money… ooh, what else… oh yes, and this…

I also got GTA: Liberty City Stories with it too. It’s so unbelievably close to the PS2’s GTAs its scary! I think I might go get another game or two though because, even though GTA is brilliant, I don’t think I could play one game over and over again continuously.