I’m bored…

// August 10th, 2006 // Geeky Stuff, General

…so I translated a huge block of alien text on a Futurama DVD. Sure, I could’ve just looked on the net for the translation but it’s more fun doing it yourself. Plus, as I made my way though, it was clear what I had become…

NOTE: What follows is a spoiler! If you want to work it out yourself, don’t read the rest of this post!


This DVD includes a specially encoded easter egg which you are now meticulously translating from an alien language because you have no life and are a compulsive nerdlinger. How sad. It’s especially sad if you don’t speak English and you have to translate the alien language into English and then into your own tongue and you come upon a word like nerdlinger which really isn’t a word at all, but still aptly describes someone who would actually translate such a word. Twice. And those of you who are reading this translation on a Futurama newsgroup aren’t any better. We lure on those newsgroups and we know what nerdlingers you guys are, too. Of course, You’re also probably our biggest fans, which is sad in it’s own way. But, since you went to all this trouble to translate an easter egg, we do owe you something. So here’s a secret about the show. The writers, producers, directors, and most of the acters who worked on the show are all nerdlingers, too!


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