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OH! I need to make so many changes!

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This site may be half decent, but there are SO many things that I want to change on this. I’m currently working on my server in order to host my own web site, rather than relying on a 3rd party. I also want to make the switch from perl to PHP. I’ve learnt a great deal of PHP at Uni and I feel confident with the switch! That means changing the blog and the galleries… nay, the whole content of the site to PHP, which is a daunting task, to say the least.

However, the switch means I can iron out the problems that have arisen from using this version of the site. For starters, I’d like to include the ability for peeps to leave comments on my entries, and also an RSS option as well. The zxoncam galleries could be improved by including previous/next links with each image, as well as changing the images so that the full-sized copies will open only when the user wants to see it full-sized.

Oh, and get rid of that random text thingie on the bottom. I just can’t be arsed with it any more.

Maybe a re-design is necessary…

More proof I’m under-appreciated

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Putting it straight: I’ve been told tonight that Orange are getting rid of all part-time technical support staff in our building and focusing on full-time instead. That’s me up a rather popular creek without anything to maneuver with.

“But you’re not gonna lose your jobs” said Andy, our CCM. And what was his magical solution? Putting us in a department which completely goes against all of my principles… Outbound Collections. I’ve said many-a-time whilst on tech that I don’t do outbound calls for customers… ever! I’d had enough of outbound calls when I was at Sky and I’m sure as hell making sure I don’t do it any more. Also… collections… it’s worse than sales if ya think about it. At least in sales, you have something to offer… but there’s nothing to offer at all in collections!

So what’s the job going to entail? Calling roughly 90 customers up per shift, asking for money, listen to them telling you to fuck off, and then thank them for their time. Pardon me, but that doesn’t sound like an excellent career choice. In all fairness though, Andy did do what he could to get me and the rest of the team a job, rather than getting us fired.

I think, if I’m going to get a job that’s gonna utilise my degree, I’d better get a move on!

The Results Are In…

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And I’m a clever little bugger! I’ve just learned from my University today that I got a…


Of course, yesterday and today I’ve had to make a few phone calls because they claim to have not received payment for the course from studentfinance. I was surprised with some of the results, but some others I wasn’t (A’s across the board for one module in my final year? Not bad going!).

What’s next for me and my degree? Find a job that can utilise it!

New Phone!

// July 5th, 2007 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff, General

Introducing the Nokia N95!

An absolute marvel, this is! 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, DVD quality videos at 30fps, built-in wifi, built-in GPS, 3G, 160Mb internal memory, MicroSD expandable… the list goes on! This phone will be replacing my trusty N70 which has been excellent on many levels… except… it’s just too damn slow!!!

Treated myself

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Well, the student loan came in today. Since I’ve been working throughout the academic year, everything else has been paid for… so I bought this!

I got Mario Strikers Football with it as well, which is ace! Wii Sports is truely amazing though! Just a flick of the wrist and I’m batting balls around on a game of tennis, or knocking down pins in bowling! I’ve played on a Wii before at the Students Union though. A couple of fellahs were raising money for something (can’t remember what, though) and were letting people play bowling on their Wii.

I was a bit wary about getting this, but sod it I have it now and I’m going to enjoy it!! ūüėõ