More proof I’m under-appreciated

// July 23rd, 2007 // General

Putting it straight: I’ve been told tonight that Orange are getting rid of all part-time technical support staff in our building and focusing on full-time instead. That’s me up a rather popular creek without anything to maneuver with.

“But you’re not gonna lose your jobs” said Andy, our CCM. And what was his magical solution? Putting us in a department which completely goes against all of my principles… Outbound Collections. I’ve said many-a-time whilst on tech that I don’t do outbound calls for customers… ever! I’d had enough of outbound calls when I was at Sky and I’m sure as hell making sure I don’t do it any more. Also… collections… it’s worse than sales if ya think about it. At least in sales, you have something to offer… but there’s nothing to offer at all in collections!

So what’s the job going to entail? Calling roughly 90 customers up per shift, asking for money, listen to them telling you to fuck off, and then thank them for their time. Pardon me, but that doesn’t sound like an excellent career choice. In all fairness though, Andy did do what he could to get me and the rest of the team a job, rather than getting us fired.

I think, if I’m going to get a job that’s gonna utilise my degree, I’d better get a move on!

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