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RIP White [[ XX/11/04 – 31/10/07 ]]

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White passed away this morning. I found her laid there on the bottom of her tank just motionless. I feared the worst and, sadly, I wasn’t mistaken.

She’d been ill for the last couple of weeks, and for a moment it seemed she was getting better (even the vet said she was), but for the last couple of days she’s looked quite ragged. The last time I saw her alive was last night around 2am when I went to bed. (more…)

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

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Yes everyone! I finally picked up a copy of Nintendo’s new Zelda outing on the DS.


My Buh-bu-buh Birthday!!

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I am now officially 25!

I’ve gotten a few things so far. I got money off some of the folks, and Paul stopped by last night to drop off a card and a present. It’s a t-shirt with CTRL ALT DEL on it, in a font that looks like keyboard letters. Not bad.

I’m just waiting for tea to be finished – a beef stroganoff (love ’em!) and then I’m off out on the lash! I’ll see you all there! 🙂

One day remaining

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Only one day left until I turn 25. A quarter of a century! Oh dear! 😐 I’ve already come to terms with being in my mid-twenties, but before I was in my early-mid-twenties, y’know?

Still, hopefully tomorrow night will be a blast! I’m going out for alot of drinks, starting in Isaac’s with a load of mates. Fingers crossed I’ll end up with a parmo with a candle in it by the end of the night!

That’s not all though. Hopefully I’ll be able to go out and sort out my new image as well tomorrow. The shaving rash has more-or-less gone now, so I can move on to the next stage. I won’t tell you what it is until I’ve unveiled it to the world…

Long shifts and full of cold!

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This week I’ve had to catch up with my holidays at work, by doing the occasional full-time shift. This happened because I’d taken three weeks off back when I was in the technical support department so I could focus on my final year project (which will be available on this site soon). Now that I’ve been moved to a department which makes outbound phonecalls, I’m over my holiday allowance because our holidays are allocated to days where we can’t legally call our customers (christmas, easter, bank holidays etc). (more…)

Wii Remote Jackets

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Back on the 2nd October I ordered some Wii Remote Jackets. They’re a new accessory that Nintendo have released for their Wii Remotes, and all remotes (by now) will be sold with one in the pack as well. However, since many people have remotes without the jackets, Nintendo offered free ones to them… including me! They arrived this morning.

Weird huh? I’ve tried it out with Wii Sports and it does seem to stay in my hand a little more comfortably, but my remote won’t fit in it’s charging bay next to my Wii with the jacket on. I’ve found I can quickly peel off the bottom of the jacket and all’s well though.

Has anyone else received any of these yet?

My Lovely Gerbil

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I took White to the vets again for a checkup today. The vet said that she has improved. She’s not squeaking or clicking when she breathes and she seems to me much livelier than she was a week ago, which is good news. “She is a bit on the thin side though” she pointed out, and I agree as I’d noticed it as well. Nonetheless, she is eating cos I’ve seen her munching away at the foodstuffs in her bowl. I’m told to continue her anti-biotic treatments until I’ve run out and we’ll decide then whether she needs anymore. So yes, all in all, she’s getting better.

And why “My Lovely Gerbil” as the title of this post? Because I got hold of the video and mp3 of Father Ted’s “My Lovely Horse” on my phone today 😛 Watch the video below and you’ll agree it’s hilarious!

“We HAVE to lose that sax solo!!”

After 7 long years, I now host my own site!

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Just a few moments ago, switched over from notnet’s servers to my own server sat in my room. I now host my own website on my own web server (yay!).

I’ve done the same for (formally Nemo – link below) and I’m going to make arrangements with a friend of mine who has a family name website that I host at notnet.

As you may also have noticed, the site looks a LOT different to before. The same links remain but now I’m running on PHP with a new blog and photo gallery. Feel free to browse and leave comments 🙂

White’s poorly

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My 3 year old gerbil, White, is ill. She’s having difficulty breathing and seems to just sit around dozing off with her eyes half closed. She doesn’t seem to move around much either.


Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin.

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I’ve decided to go clean shaven. I ain’t shaved for something like 5 years, so this is truly bizarre for me. The shaver I used is one of those Philishave CoolSkins, that cums moisturiser on your face while ya shave. It’s certainly done the job!

I’m in the process of changing my image. I’ve got a few other things in store but the first is getting rid of the stubble/beard. I’m starting now because by the time I can afford to do everything else, the shaving rash will’ve disappeared. What else have I got planned? You’ll just have to wait and see…