My Lovely Gerbil

// October 22nd, 2007 // Geeky Stuff, General

I took White to the vets again for a checkup today. The vet said that she has improved. She’s not squeaking or clicking when she breathes and she seems to me much livelier than she was a week ago, which is good news. “She is a bit on the thin side though” she pointed out, and I agree as I’d noticed it as well. Nonetheless, she is eating cos I’ve seen her munching away at the foodstuffs in her bowl. I’m told to continue her anti-biotic treatments until I’ve run out and we’ll decide then whether she needs anymore. So yes, all in all, she’s getting better.

And why “My Lovely Gerbil” as the title of this post? Because I got hold of the video and mp3 of Father Ted’s “My Lovely Horse” on my phone today 😛 Watch the video below and you’ll agree it’s hilarious!

“We HAVE to lose that sax solo!!”

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