RIP White [[ XX/11/04 – 31/10/07 ]]

// October 31st, 2007 // General

White passed away this morning. I found her laid there on the bottom of her tank just motionless. I feared the worst and, sadly, I wasn’t mistaken.

She’d been ill for the last couple of weeks, and for a moment it seemed she was getting better (even the vet said she was), but for the last couple of days she’s looked quite ragged. The last time I saw her alive was last night around 2am when I went to bed.

I gave her a burial in the back garden just half an hour ago, and the song played for her was Robbie William’s “Nan’s Song”. I felt it was the most appropriate.

She has lived with both myself and Helen while we lived together and at each other’s houses. She’s had two other collegues throughout her life; Brown, who died two years ago long before her time, and Misty who came to her aid when she was lonely after Brown’s death. Unfortunately in early 2007, territorial dominance drove them apart. Since then White has lived alongside Misty in seperate tanks, occasionally touching noses as if to say “Hello neighbour!”. She fell ill a few months later. For two weeks she had been at the beckon call of her owner. Sadly, two days after her owner’s birthday, she passed away, leaving behind broken hearts in those who cared for her.

She fought the battle right up to the end. Now she will have her well deserved rest.

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