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Sod’s Law

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Just my luck huh? I wait forever for the new N95 firmware to come out and my phone knackers up! For the last day or two it’s been showing “Sim card registration failure” or something along those lines. I wasn’t able to make any calls or anything, yet the phone seemed other wise ok. I tried my Virgin and Orange PAYG sim cards in the phone and they worked fine. However, last night I tried Kev’s o2 sim card and that didn’t work either.

Bewildered, I called O2 and told them about my problem. They said they would check their systems for the status of my account and phone. Later, I got a callback from them… it’s been blacklisted! 😮 (more…)

New N95-1 firmware

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I thought it best to post about this here, because I know a lot of people who are anxious to get their hands on the update and this is just easier. Nokia have released new firmware for the N95-1, which brings it up to V20.0.015, quite a leap!

The main features of this update include a fix for the keypress bug, demand paging, and a faster camera application. I’m just downloading it now, in the hopes it will sort out any other problems too.

On another note, I started my diet today! It’s another step towards a new me… losing a bit of weight. I weighed myself today at a whopping 189 lbs! I’d like to get down to about 160 lbs-ish, maybe a little lower. I’ll keep you all appraised on my progress…

120 Stars

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I’ve got them all! All 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy!! Are games getting easier? I remember it took me ages to get all 120 on Super Mario 64.

I’ve heard a rumour that if I face bowser again I’ll be able to play as Luigi. I’ll soon find out if that’s true.

My first gnop

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No longer a student

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I officially graduated today. I had to dress up like a tit all day but now it’s all over. Here’s a photo 😛

Am I going to die?

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I thought I would mention this because it’s suddenly become a bit of a shock to me.

I’m sat at my computer watching episodes of Enterprise supping JD and Coke, when I decided to browse through the past posts that I’d made through the time that I was on b3ta. I came across a post I made in February…

A little scared!
It said that I would die suddenly at the age of 25... I won't be 25 until October :S

I was referring to the results of a website that I visited that day, which claimed to tell fortunes. I look at the post now, and I’m 25… a little worried.

Wii have landed

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Well, that was quick. I just completed Super Mario Galaxy. Of all 120 stars in the game, you only need 60 to face bowser and complete the game. I’m now working on getting the remaining 60, but it’s strange that I was able to get so far in the space of 30 hours, taking into consideration that I have work and need to sleep/bathe/dress/travel (basically, have a life) as well.

Wii have lift off

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Yup, I bought one of the most anticipated Wii games of all time this morning… Super Mario Galaxy! Well… I say bought… I actually used some of the vouchers that I got for being at Garlands for three years, so in a sense I got it for free! I know, I was going to use them for getting Christmas presents with (or put them towards them anyway) but the way I see it I’m gonna be buying this game if I didn’t have the vouchers anyway, so there’s nothing lost.

I’ve only been playing this thing an hour and I’m hooked! I can definitely see why everyone says it’s pretty much a sequal to Super Mario 64 as the gameplay and control style is very much the same. I can’t comment on Super Mario Sunshine though, as I haven’t got it (but plan to at some point). The graphics of SMG though… stunning! I have a cheap TV – no HD or anything – and this looks gorgeous on it! Who needs Hi-Def when you can get graphics like this on a Nintendo Wii!?

I’m leaving this post short because I want to get back to it. It’s such a shame that I have to go to work later though 🙁

Woke up with a shock

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Bloody hell, I was woken up with a shock this morning 😮

I was fast asleep when my mobile phone started ringing. I answered it, and it was Virgin Media. The woman on the phone wanted to confirm that she was speaking to Andrew Irvine, the account holder of 4Mb broadband for £25 a month… at my old address!! I didn’t exactly confirm it because I thought it was cancelled!! After another call to Virgin Media, it turns out that they never cancelled it when I asked them to two years ago! That means that I’ve paid a total of £600 for a broadband service at my old house! 😐 (more…)

Sick as a parrot

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Ya know I mentioned that I had a sore throat a couple of days ago? Well… it was a full on cold! 🙁 I could bearly speak today as it hurt so much, and I’ve been feeling awfully drowsy as well! Luckily, I didn’t have to go onto the phones tonight. My TL could tell by just looking at me that I was bad. Instead, I was preparing envelopes to hold the receipts that we send customers when they make payments.

Now I have the whole weekend to get over it. Oh joy…