Woke up with a shock

// November 10th, 2007 // Geeky Stuff, General

Bloody hell, I was woken up with a shock this morning 😮

I was fast asleep when my mobile phone started ringing. I answered it, and it was Virgin Media. The woman on the phone wanted to confirm that she was speaking to Andrew Irvine, the account holder of 4Mb broadband for £25 a month… at my old address!! I didn’t exactly confirm it because I thought it was cancelled!! After another call to Virgin Media, it turns out that they never cancelled it when I asked them to two years ago! That means that I’ve paid a total of £600 for a broadband service at my old house! 😐

Still, I got them to close it (again) today and they said that because it’s such a large amount of money, I had to provide proof that I’ve moved out of the property and that I’ve been paying for broadband there for the last two years by sending in copies of my bank statements for the last two years to verify that I’ve been paying it. No easy feat, to say the least… but then I thought “I’m not sending my bank statements to some company or stranger!”. Instead, I went to my bank branch, who said that they can arrange for a letter to be signed by a bank manager which will tell Virgin Media all they need to know. I’m gonna have a word with the bank manager personally on Monday and, hopefully, the letter will be ready the following day.

As for proof that I moved out, I still have a copy of the contract that I signed with The Letting’s Company stating the duration of my stay at the address… which should suffice. This should come in very handy for Christmas presents, huh? 🙂

All of this happened this morning! And I was still groggy from the day before because of my cold. I thought I’d make myself feel a little better by going into Starbucks for an Eggnog Latte. Alas, when I went in and paid for it, they soon told me that they’d ran out of Eggnog 🙁

But wait… they refunded my money, and made me a Caramel Macchiato instead 🙂

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