New N95-1 firmware

// November 26th, 2007 // Geeky Stuff, General

I thought it best to post about this here, because I know a lot of people who are anxious to get their hands on the update and this is just easier. Nokia have released new firmware for the N95-1, which brings it up to V20.0.015, quite a leap!

The main features of this update include a fix for the keypress bug, demand paging, and a faster camera application. I’m just downloading it now, in the hopes it will sort out any other problems too.

On another note, I started my diet today! It’s another step towards a new me… losing a bit of weight. I weighed myself today at a whopping 189 lbs! I’d like to get down to about 160 lbs-ish, maybe a little lower. I’ll keep you all appraised on my progress…

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