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Happy New Year!

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I’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year 2008! I sodding well hope it’s better than the last one! Sure, I finished my degree but many other things such as leaving my long-term girlfriend and being stuck in a fucking shit job, have made 2007 a very crappy year!

As usual, anyone I hate… you can all burn in hell!

Last post of the year

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Well, 2007 was a big load of bollocks wasn’t it? Sure, I finally finished my University degree, but pretty much everything else went tits up. At least I’m gonna let it end on a high note. Time for my checklist. Let’s see…

Washed/Dressed for tonight – Check
Hair re-blued – Check
Spiked – Check
Shaved – Check
Moisturised – Check
CK in2u – Check
Money – Check
Hipflask full of JD – Check

Looks like I’m ready for tonight. I’m going to the Fachion to let in the New Year. Roll on 2008!

Head Under A Lamp…

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As the title suggests, my head is currently under my hot desk lamp. Why? Because I’ve just recoloured my hair and I’m letting it set in. It doesn’t state on the instructions of my hair colouring that I need to do this, but this is what they did when I went to get it done at Tony Gallagher’s originally. They put a huge heating lamp around my head for 15-20 minutes to let the colour sink in. That’s exactly what I’m doing, but because my desk lamp is much smaller and probably not as warm, I’m doing it for 30 minutes.

I’m heading out for a few drinks tonight, which explains why I’m doing my hair. I got plenty of money from Christmas so that should cover me. I’m gonna try to not get anything to eat tonight. If I do, I’m gonna try to keep it small (NOT a parmo, for example).

If anyone else is out, look out for me 🙂

What did I get?

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Did you all enjoy your Christmas this year?

So what did I get get? I’ll just list them here:

  • Guitar Hero III for Wii – This game kicks ass! As a guitarist myself, I can really appreciate a game like this. Just clip the Wii Remote into the body of the guitar and start striking out power chords!
  • Simpsons Movie DVD – Watched that today. It’s a good laugh!
  • Transformers DVD – I’ve watched this film before and it’s really good. The only gripe I have is that all of the Autobots are American cars FFS!
  • Rubber keyboard – Tried using it yesterday. Impossible!!!
  • £20 HMV voucher
  • Couple of silly gifts – Shot glasses from my sister, and a USB fan and bike kit from a mate of mine.
  • Moolah
  • Sweeties

Not a bad little selection there. I haven’t had my brother’s prezzie yet but he wasn’t able to make it on Christmas. He’s coming by this weekend though so I can give him his prezzie then.

Aye no’s kung foo!

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funny pictures

This is the first of (hopefully) many submissions I’m going to make to I Can Has Cheezeburger where there are lots of photos of animals – mainly kittens – with funny captions! With each one, I’ll post a link to it on the website so you can vote for it! It’ll be a related link on each post!

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope y’all have a good’n! Here’s a cute little snowman for the festive season.

Diet Update

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This last week I’ve lost…

…I dunno

I haven’t weighed myself today. I haven’t been feeling well today, and Wednesday and Friday I haven’t been following my diet. At the end of the day, it’s Christmas!

Two drunken nights and a day of shopping

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Ooof! Dehydrated! 😡

I’ve been out drinking on Wednesday and Friday night. Wednesday was the Garlands Christmas ball that I was talked into attending by my team leader. I had to turn up in a tuxedo, which is good, but we were cramped in our seats… which was bad. On Friday we’d arranged a big work group night out, starting off at Walkabout and then moving on to wherever, which ended up being Sumo (Again. Urgh!). The drinks were expensive both nights though! At the ball, I had prepared for it by bringing my JD hip flask, filled with… yup, you guessed it… JD! 😛 Unfortunately, JD and Cokes on Friday were hellishly expensive. Since the bar was packed, I bought two drinks at a time. It’d always come to £9.40!!!!! Bloody hell!!!

I took photos of both nights but I’m not posting them here. Why? Because I don’t want the same to happen this time as it did when I was working at The House. We all (the staff) went out for a few drinks, I took photos and posted them on my gallery. Even though I had protected it with a password, they were extremely pissed off! I mentioned this last night to a couple of my collegues and they said they’d be OK with it. Nonetheless, I’m not taking the chance.

As for the shopping, I got the last of my Christmas presents from town today. I’m gonna start wrapping them all in a moment. I’ve got to get them all out of the way because I’m helping my folks tidy up the house ready for when everyone comes round for Christmas.

Yikes! Look at the time! I’d better get a move on…

Diet Update

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This last week I’ve lost…

3 lbs!

Ten pounds in three weeks! That means I’m only a pound overweight now, sitting at 12st 11lbs 🙂

Not long ’til Christmas

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Nope, only 8 days left until the big day! I’ll admit, I haven’t got all my presents yet. I usually leave everything until last minute at Christmas. I’ll have everything sorted out soon though, ready for next Tuesday.

Still, I’ve been preparing for the Christmas Ball thing at work on Wednesday. It’s more of an evening dinner sort of affair, so we have to turn up in tuxedo’s and stuff. I went out and bought one today. I also redyed my hair earlier before I went to band practice. I thought it’d be best to do it now so that I had time to sort it out if anything went wrong, and it’ll still be very blue for Wednesday night. 😛

Speaking of the band practice, we were trying out a new drummer tonight. To be honest, he wasn’t up to scratch. He said so himself, though. When I arrived at the studio with my gear and Nicole informs me he hasn’t played for 5 years. 😮 Then, when we decided to play a couple of covers to make it easier for the drummer, our lead guitarist stepped in to drum for Zombie so that the drummer could see what we wanted. After that, he wasn’t that confident about it, saying that he couldn’t pull it off. Fair play to the fellah, he tried nonetheless.