Not long ’til Christmas

// December 16th, 2007 // General

Nope, only 8 days left until the big day! I’ll admit, I haven’t got all my presents yet. I usually leave everything until last minute at Christmas. I’ll have everything sorted out soon though, ready for next Tuesday.

Still, I’ve been preparing for the Christmas Ball thing at work on Wednesday. It’s more of an evening dinner sort of affair, so we have to turn up in tuxedo’s and stuff. I went out and bought one today. I also redyed my hair earlier before I went to band practice. I thought it’d be best to do it now so that I had time to sort it out if anything went wrong, and it’ll still be very blue for Wednesday night. 😛

Speaking of the band practice, we were trying out a new drummer tonight. To be honest, he wasn’t up to scratch. He said so himself, though. When I arrived at the studio with my gear and Nicole informs me he hasn’t played for 5 years. 😮 Then, when we decided to play a couple of covers to make it easier for the drummer, our lead guitarist stepped in to drum for Zombie so that the drummer could see what we wanted. After that, he wasn’t that confident about it, saying that he couldn’t pull it off. Fair play to the fellah, he tried nonetheless.

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