Two drunken nights and a day of shopping

// December 22nd, 2007 // General

Ooof! Dehydrated! 😡

I’ve been out drinking on Wednesday and Friday night. Wednesday was the Garlands Christmas ball that I was talked into attending by my team leader. I had to turn up in a tuxedo, which is good, but we were cramped in our seats… which was bad. On Friday we’d arranged a big work group night out, starting off at Walkabout and then moving on to wherever, which ended up being Sumo (Again. Urgh!). The drinks were expensive both nights though! At the ball, I had prepared for it by bringing my JD hip flask, filled with… yup, you guessed it… JD! 😛 Unfortunately, JD and Cokes on Friday were hellishly expensive. Since the bar was packed, I bought two drinks at a time. It’d always come to £9.40!!!!! Bloody hell!!!

I took photos of both nights but I’m not posting them here. Why? Because I don’t want the same to happen this time as it did when I was working at The House. We all (the staff) went out for a few drinks, I took photos and posted them on my gallery. Even though I had protected it with a password, they were extremely pissed off! I mentioned this last night to a couple of my collegues and they said they’d be OK with it. Nonetheless, I’m not taking the chance.

As for the shopping, I got the last of my Christmas presents from town today. I’m gonna start wrapping them all in a moment. I’ve got to get them all out of the way because I’m helping my folks tidy up the house ready for when everyone comes round for Christmas.

Yikes! Look at the time! I’d better get a move on…

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