What did I get?

// December 26th, 2007 // General

Did you all enjoy your Christmas this year?

So what did I get get? I’ll just list them here:

  • Guitar Hero III for Wii – This game kicks ass! As a guitarist myself, I can really appreciate a game like this. Just clip the Wii Remote into the body of the guitar and start striking out power chords!
  • Simpsons Movie DVD – Watched that today. It’s a good laugh!
  • Transformers DVD – I’ve watched this film before and it’s really good. The only gripe I have is that all of the Autobots are American cars FFS!
  • Rubber keyboard – Tried using it yesterday. Impossible!!!
  • £20 HMV voucher
  • Couple of silly gifts – Shot glasses from my sister, and a USB fan and bike kit from a mate of mine.
  • Moolah
  • Sweeties

Not a bad little selection there. I haven’t had my brother’s prezzie yet but he wasn’t able to make it on Christmas. He’s coming by this weekend though so I can give him his prezzie then.

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