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Diet Update

// January 28th, 2008 // No Comments » // Diet

This last week I’ve lost…


Yeah, peculiar isn’t it? I stepped on and off the scales a few times and couldn’t see how much I weighed, so I stepped on them one last time and took a photo. I’d lost a half pound, which was why I couldn’t tell how much I’d actually lost. Still though, only half a pound away from where I was before Christmas in just two weeks! Now sitting at 12st 11.5lbs I’m not far off from not being overweight anymore!

My main target is still 11st 7lbs, which is just above the middle of the BMI scale for my sex and height. I want to get there and see how I look. If I’m still not happy, I’ll try losing some more. That’s 18.5lbs away…

Big Crisp

// January 23rd, 2008 // No Comments » // General

I was just tucking into a packet of Thai Sweet Chilli crisps (3 points per bag, before you have a go at me) and I spotted this crisp!

It was bigger than my mouse! Oh, and it tasted nice too! 😛

Diet Update

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This last week I’ve lost…


I’m now down to 13st precisely. I’ve had a couple of slip ups, I admit (such as the KFC on a drunken Thursday night, and the double cheese burger from a van from yesterday’s JNE meet), but weight lost is still weight lost. Let’s hope for more of the same next week. 🙂

JNE had another car meet

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I haven’t been to one in 6 months so when Trig invited me to come along this time I was more than willing to go.

I took about 600 photos overall! This is because I was trying out a new photography technique. I don’t know what it’s called, but it entails putting the camera into burst mode (multiple shots) and then take the photos while moving round the car, moving and tilting the camera as you go. This was so that I could explore what the cars looked like at different angles and then choose the best pictures from the ones taken. I’m sure there’s a name for it cos I doubt I’ve just come up with an effective photography technique all by myself 😐

Anyway almost 140 of them made it to the gallery so click have a gander!

Ghostbusters T-shirt

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I’ve just ordered this tonight while I was at work.

My brother told me a few days ago that a Ghostbusters game was in the making. Looking up on the news and screenshots, I then felt like watching the film again. Right at the end, fans are cheering the famous four waving Ghostbusters t-shirts in the air. It reminded me that I always wanted one of those, so I ordered one 🙂

Diet Kickstarts Again For 2008

// January 14th, 2008 // No Comments » // Diet

Yup, the diet is starting again today after having almost a month off just eating what I want for the Christmas and New Year peroid! I’ve been starting to watch what I eat last week (as in, watch it go into my mouth!) so that I knew how severe the situation was, and now I can start the diet again properly.

My weight today is…

13st 3lbs

Yup, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight over the Christmas period! I have to keep in mind though, that this weight also includes the vast quantities I had yesterday like a big Pork Sunday Dinner and a big Chinese Takeaway. I had the takeaway because I knew I’d be starting my diet again today.

Hopefully the situation is not as bad as it seems, and I’ll get down to 12st 11lbs in no time so I can continue from where I left off.

How is this NOT a good joke?

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I posted this joke on just yesterday and currently it’s got a rating of -43! I mean COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Here’s the joke:

The McCanns are going to produce a film to raise awareness of their missing daughter Madeleine.
It's rumoured to be called "To Kill A Maddie Bird".

I’m a big fan of sick jokes as much as the next person, but the people on that site clearly don’t have a fucking clue!

[EDIT] Just look at that! Loads of people have started posting “Maddie documentary/movie name” jokes. They’re trying to jump on the sodding bandwagon! Err, hello!?! Mine is the original and best!

And the spam is in…

// January 1st, 2008 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff, General

Last January 1st I stopped deleting my junk email and starting saving them. I wanted to see how much spam email the average web user receives in a year, just as Anne Cohen in Tyneside is collecting her junk mail to show how much is delivered on her street. Of course, I can’t make a sculpture in my garden out of it all but it still proves a point that we’re being inundated by spam email all the time!

Officially, between 01/01/07 00:00 and 31/12/07 23:59, I received a grand total of:

21,801 spam emails

This works out, on average, as one spam e-mail every 24 minutes! Can you believe it?