February JNE Meet

// February 10th, 2008 // Geeky Stuff, General

Another month, another JapNorthEast meet. There was a HUGE turnout today and, despite only taking up to 400 photos this time, loads of pics made it to my gallery today. I’d learnt from last month that using the burst mode option is a good idea, but before I was going overboard with it. Instead of taking 4-5 snaps at a time, this time I was taking 2-4 instead. Despite this, 18 pages of photos made it to the gallery as opposed to 16 last month.

Oh, and I won on the raffle as well!! I won a JNE desk calendar. Granted, it’s not as high a prize as most of the others, but everything else was car stuff… and exactly what would I do with them? I think there was something funny going on though, as one person won three prizes! I just hope he bought a shitload of tickets…

I even stuck around to see the winner of this month’s competition pose for their photos (See above). Congrats fellahs! 🙂

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