So, who felt the quake?

// February 27th, 2008 // General

If you haven’t seen the news already, there was an earthquake in the UK at 0057 this morning, with a magnetude of 5.2*. The epicentre of the quake was located a little north of Market Rasen, which is under 90 miles SSW from where I live.

Source: BBC News.

Obviously, 90 miles away I didn’t feel it as much, but it did confuse me for a moment. I was happily playing Mario Strikers Footie on my Wii when I felt the whole house move! Literally, I felt (and saw) everything move about a foot to my left and back again! I went and stuck my head out the window and it wasn’t windy or anything. Turns out it was the quake.

Who would’ve thought an earthquake would hit England? We’re not exactly on the edge of any plates or anything, so wouldn’t have thought we’d get them. Turns out we get them roughly every 30 years, and this was the biggest we’ve had for 25 years.

There was meant to be an aftershock at around 0400 but I was asleep by then.

* I’ve watched Qi enough to know it’s not measured on the Richter Scale! Ha!

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