// February 29th, 2008 // Geeky Stuff, General

It was discussed on Dilbert that it’s impossible to perform an act of charity without it costing you all of your money. This was then disproven when Dilbert saved his boss from drowning.

I’ve further disproven this tonight when I was waiting for my bus. A lass walked by me doing something with her handbag, and a fiver fell out onto the ground. She then walked through Garlands’ doors. It was quite gusty so it wasn’t going to stay there forever. I lept for it a chased it a little down the street. When I got it I made my way back to the front doors where the lass was checking her handbag again. She must’ve been looking for the fiver cos I handed her it and she gave out a sigh of relief.

So there you go… ‘alf decent, aren’t I? 😛

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