Uurrgh! Bad!

// March 7th, 2008 // General

Yup… went out last night! I really wanted to have a good time so I threw the diet out the window and took to the Jack Daniels! I can’t believe I had so much to drink! I wasn’t really counting them to be honest, but I know I had enough for me to head straight home without getting a parmo or pizza, pass out on the bed, then throw up the next morning! Nice huh 😐

On top of all that, I cut my thumb on a shard of glass! I felt something on the sole of my shoe so I reached to pick it off and next thing I know I’ve got a piece of glass sticking out of me. It’s still tender now in fact!

Still, jolly good fun had by all, but I think I’ll go back onto the lager next time!

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