Back From Birmingham

// March 17th, 2008 // Diet

Yup, just come back from Birmingham after having an inverview there. After reading all of my FHM, playing Hot Pxl for an hour and listening to music all the way back home on the coach, I’m ready to hit they hay.

I managed to take some time to take a browse around the Bullring, a (or perhaps THE) shopping centre in Birmingham. I had a Starbucks, I bought Hot Pxl (see above) and I had a go at GT5 Prologue on the PS3 in a CurrysDigital shop. Peeps were asked to compete to see who could get the fastest time. I got 2’25.472 in total for my time round the London track, and I was .009 seconds behind the leader! Darn! Still, silver ain’t bad and, being realistic, if I could waltz in and get that close to the top then in all likelyhood someone else could too. I didn’t walk away empty handed though. I got a free PS2 t-shirt and GT keyring along with a couple of brochures so that’s not bad.

Oh yeah, no weighing today because I’m knackered.

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