Not much to report

// April 13th, 2008 // Geeky Stuff

I must apologise for the absence of posts on here. It’s not that I’ve forgotten or that I’m too busy, it’s entirely the opposite! I’ve got too much time on my hands and doing almost nothing!

I’ve been working on re-launching the band’s website this last week. I had to change a bunch of stuff behind the scenes to get it to work on my server (and make it run smoother and such). I’ve done everything except the shop and message boards, both of which can wait. I hope to re-launch the website very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ve also been converting films that we have on DVD into MP4 format so they would work on my folks’ iTouches. I found out though that the videos also work on my phone and my PSP, so there’s three birds killed with one stone huh?

I’m still looking for jobs at the moment, but since I’m not spending any more than £20 a week, I’ll be financially okay for quite a while.

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