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I’ll see ya’s later

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OK everyone, I have to start packing up my PCs and get ready to go to my new home… where there’s no internet… and where I won’t be able to afford to run my own server 24/7.

Tonight I’ve moved this site and The Anythings website to a brand new host and they’re working OK for the most part from a simple move. I need to get round to fixing my gallery (again) and also the gallery on the band website isn’t working since the move. Sadly I can’t get on to it until I have internet access at my new home.

Anyways I’m saying goodbye for now but it’ll only be for a couple of weeks I’m guessing. There won’t be any updates on here for that long but I’ll keep track of what’s going on so I can then add them all on here when I get online again… then again, I do have limited ‘net access on my phone… hmmm….


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funny pictures
Influence: Harry Enfield

Wii were expecting something smaller

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Guess what I went and bought today…

Go on… guess… * (more…)

I’ve got a flat!

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I put a deposit down on a flat today in Chapel-en-le-frith. I had four homes lined up for viewing today. That was difficult, getting them all setup for the one day I was coming down to view them. Still, it all went well. (more…)

Crack open the champagne lads, Wii did it!

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That’s it! All the characters unlocked in Mario Kart Wii! The only thing I’ve been doing these days is looking for a new home and playing Mario Kart… hence completing it so quickly! Don’t believe me?