I’ve got a flat!

// May 3rd, 2008 // General

I put a deposit down on a flat today in Chapel-en-le-frith. I had four homes lined up for viewing today. That was difficult, getting them all setup for the one day I was coming down to view them. Still, it all went well.

The first flat we saw was in Heaton Chapel. It had nice high ceilings, a huge kitchen, nicely fitted bathroom and a massive bedroom. It was a big flat! Great… except it was the most expensive one of the lot! To top it off, although it was right near the main road leading towards work and the train station was a stone’s throw away, GETTING to work would’ve been a nightmare. The earliest train would be approaching work at 09:05, so I’m late before I even arrive! Also, the buses go down one of the longest roads in the country, and I’d have to get up probably at the crack of dawn to get in on time. Useless! 😡

Next stop: Buxton, where there were two flats to check out. The first one was one I was especially looking forward to, as the photos of the place on the internet were great! Upon entering the flat, it was a different matter. Sure, there were marble-esque counter tops in the kitchen, which came complete with fridge/freezer and dish washer, but the kitchen was a bit small for a flat nearing £600 pm for rent. The living room was ok, and the bedroom was quite big. The bathroom was certainly bright, but there was no shower. Well, there was, but I’d have to hold it myself. To top it off there was no double-glazing and despite it being a nice flat, I’d have to knock it down to £500pm rent to make it worthwhile… and I could tell they weren’t going to barter that well to be honest. I couldn’t get information on buses but I do know it was near the train station, and it would’ve cost me nearly £4 a day to get from Buxton to work.

The second flat in Buxton, the third one overall, doesn’t even warrant a mention. It was a pain to get to as there were loads of steps OUTSIDE as well as INSIDE the building (and we’re talking very deep steps). When you enter the flat you’re greeted with dark orange woodchip wallpaper, a grungy bathroom, a derelict kitchen, and bamboo furniture in the living room. It… was… HORRID! The view was nice though.

We had a nice little drive from Buxton to Chapel-en-le-frith for the very last viewing. This drive gave me time to realise how busy it was on the road leading out of Heaton Chapel. It certainly would’ve been a nightmare to get to work from there. Still, with ten minutes to spare, we got to the final flat. The building certainly looked nice, the flat was a nice size with lovely furnishings, the bathroom was perfect, and the bedroom a decent size. It wasn’t the cheapest flat there, but it was certainly a good price considering what was on offer. There was even a Co-op supermarket no more than 2 minutes walk away, so that’ll be handy for any shopping. As well as that, there were aerial fittings in both the living room and the bedroom, and the flat came with it’s own TV… which meant one TV would have to go in my room. Shame 😛

We’re aiming to get me in there by next Saturday, which means a couple of last nights out with friends next week, as well as plenty more packing!

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