Wii were expecting something smaller

// May 7th, 2008 // Diet, Geeky Stuff, General

Guess what I went and bought today…

Go on… guess… *

I bought Wii Fit today (Hooray!), which is quite a feat in itself actually. It was sold out everywhere!
HMV – gone. Game – gone. Gamestation – gone. Curry’s Digital – gone. Vizavvi – gone. Chips – gone!
I was ready to call it a day and head off to the bus station, when I thought “What the hell, I’ll check Argos. It’s only over the road”. How daft I must’ve looked when the Argos stock checker showed “7 available”! 😮 I noted the number and hurried to the counter. As I went, a mother and two children went past, the mother carrying a bag with “Wii Fit” showing through the semi-transparent carrier… and then a young couple, also sporting an Argos bag with “Wii Fit” faintly showing through it. I thought “By the time I get from the catalogues to the counter, they’ll have gone!”. Luckily, this wasn’t the case, and I was back home within 30 minutes sync-ing it to my Wii.

I gotta say, it’s outstandingly simple, and it’s as challenging as you make it! I’ve done 30 minutes of “exercise” today, including jogging, yoga, skiing, and some other balance games, and I was sweating more than Michael Jackson in Toys-r-us. Of course, this may have had something to do with it being scorching hot in my room cos I get the afternoon sun, or the fact that I can’t open a window else the house’ll be filled with wasps, or that I was wearing dark (and rather heavy) clothing at the time.

I couldn’t do any of the muscular stuff yet though. I simply don’t have the room for now! I have boxes and bags of most of my stuff all organised and yet scattered around my bedroom, ready to be put in the car come Saturday morning. When I move into the flat though, I’ll try them out!!

What struck me as strange is that when the woman behind the counter handed me the bag, it nearly dropped to the floor like a ton of bricks. This thing is HEAVY! And, check this out…

…it’s HUGE too! I thought it’d be just as big as a regular set of bathroom scales, but nope! The only way you could make it seem smaller is if you sat a 16″ pizza on the top! Then again, why would you HAVE a 16″ pizza if you’re meant to be losing weight? Isn’t what why you bought the “game”? 😉

Anyway, I haven’t been following my diet for the last couple of months (as you’ve probably noticed on the site… no diet updates). However, they will start up again as I chart my progress on Wii Fit. Get this, I’m only a 25.47 BMI, that’s only past the borderline to overweight. Not bad considering how long I’ve been off the diet. That’ll soon fall, I hope.

* If you did actually try to guess, you need to get out more!

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