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// October 3rd, 2008 // Diet, Geeky Stuff, General

[NOTE] This was added because I hadn’t updated the site with any posts. I have since travelled back in time and added them. [/NOTE]

I’ve been neglecting again! Here I am getting bored now and then, when I could be making a post on my blog! Oh well… Here’s a quick update of what I’ve been up to:

I’m doing something about my weight (again!), but this time I have Wii Fit to help. I bought it a few months ago and, to be honest, I barely touched it. Now I’ve got a routine worked out. I weigh myself on a morning before breakfast, then go to work, then exercise when I get back before having my tea. In conjunction to a calorie controlled diet (Thanks to Weight Watchers), I’m seeing my weight drop every day. Over the last 2 1/2 weeks I’ve lost 8lbs and it’s still dropping. I want to get down to about 11 stone, but I’m going to check how I am at 11 1/2 stone. If I’m not happy with it, I’ll continue. Once I am, however, I can get back to my normal eating habits and Wii Fit can tell me if I’ve put on weight or not.

I still want to make a post on here ranting on about Podcasts, but I want that to be a seperate entry so I’ll do that later.

Work is great! Having my own place is great! I’m still loving it! I’m past the point where it feels like a holiday now, and I can feel my sanity being maintained. I’m challenged with new… err… challenges every day at work 😉 They’re certainly achievable; it’s just getting my head around the logic of ’em. Recently I made an absolute breakthrough, and I’m on the verge of another one. It’s very satisfying.

I’ve dyed my hair again… and it’s RED! Just think of Mike Shinoda in the early days of Linkin Park and you’ll get the jist.

I’ve dropped zxoncam off the site. I wasn’t actually having any webcam feeds at all, and no one wants to read about the cameras that I used to use… so what’s the point? Also, I’ve dropped my gallery… partly because I couldn’t be arsed to fix it AGAIN! Instead, I’ve moved to flickr because, where needs must, I can upload photos from my phone directly to the site.

I’ve had a lot of problems with my email since I moved my sites to a new server. Recetly I’ve changed my settings to keep it working and as a bonus I can get them all on my phone. So… anyone using my mobile email address: you needn’t bother. Just email me as normal 🙂

I got a new monitor for my computer… a lovely 22″ widescreen, to go alongside my old monitor. I also got a 1Tb network hard drive, so I can watch video or play music with either of my computers. Finally, I also got a long-range wireless keyboard that I can use on my PCs and Wii. What’s the need of it all? Well, it’s quite nice being able to watch Father Ted while in bed using all of this 😛

That’s pretty much all of it.

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