Merry Christmas!

// December 25th, 2008 // General

First… as always, it’s MERRY Christmas not HAPPY Christmas!

Secondly… here’s a nice picture…

So what did I get? I got some moolah, a small bottle of JD, a toaster (yay!), a lap-mat thingie for when I use my laptop when it’s not on the coffee table, The IT Crowd DVD box set, and CK in2u. Not a lot, and I’m a little narked at not getting Guitar Hero World Tour. I mean, I only asked for the Solus copy, and not the whole kaboodle… which my sister got instead… for her MORE EXPENSIVE console… but nevermind.

Oh yeah, and I got a cold for Christmas too! I must’ve caught it on the way to Leeds to see the family, because it kicked in Christmas morning! GAH!

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