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Rage Against The Machine is Christmas #1 for 2009!!

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YES!!! Killing in the Name by Rage Against The Machine is #1 for Christmas 2009!!

I deeply hoped this would happen! I bought a couple of copies in order to help out! Thanks should go out to everyone who bought this in order to stop another bloody X-Factor piece of shit reaching the top spot! For anyone who’s lived under a rock, here’s the song!

Hi again everyone!

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You may have noticed that I haven’t updated my blog for ages! I’m so sorry about this! I’ve been busy with all sorts of stuff, like living a life! Haha!

Anyway I’m going back through the last couple of months right up to when I received my N97 for key events which are worth putting on here, because that was when I last updated this blog in the first place!

Keep an eye out for posts slightly older than this one! 😛

Beatles: Rock Band

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I decided to share it…

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…cos I’m not a fat bastard! I brought the Jaffa into work and it was very well received!

I fancy having a Jaffa Cake…

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…so I made one!

It’s so big it filled a dinner plate. It is… the… PERFECT size! Now to find a cup of tea big enough for it 😛

One step closer to a proper cinema system

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Remember this?

Yup, it’s the box that used to be the server at my old place. It was lacking a hard drive before but now I’ve fitted a modest… 20Gb drive. (more…)

Chester Zoo

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Carly and I decided to take a day out and go to Chester Zoo. I think we chose the best day for it. It was hot and sunny, and there were loads of animals out as well! Plenty of opportunities to take great photos, like this one:

I’ve uploaded my pictures to the Photographs section so go on, have a look then!

A little bit of TLC

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Just a quick note, really. My parents stopped by this weekend and brought some RAM for me that they weren’t using… and couldn’t use, as it’s incompatible with their computers. As a result, I’ve now got 3.5Gb of RAM, only 512Mb short of the 4Gb maximum that the motherboard can take.

The computer is, again, noticeably faster than before! Especially after I’ve just also deleted 100Gb of crap from the hard drives and defragmented them.

I should be fine with this set up for quite some time then…

Damn power cut!!!

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Power cuts aren’t fun. No siree! Let me tell you about the one from last night.

I wake up at about 4am and can hear a distinct beeping coming from somewhere. For a short while I try to ignore it, but it was even starting to disturb Carly, so I went out to investigate. It was the flat’s alarm control box, and it was beeping loudly because it was running on emergency battery backup. Now surely the beeping would drain the battery even more, but the real reason to stop it was that it was keeping us awake. After reading up in the manual and five minutes of fiddling, I got the beeping to stop. Wondering why it wasn’t using the proper power, I went to the cupboard downstairs in the block of flats to see what was going on. I poked my head out of the front door, and I could hear everyone else’s alarms beeping as well as I walked down the stairs. I peered into the cupboard. All the metres were blank. It was a power cut. (more…)

Wii Sports Resort

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I picked up a new game today, and it’s jolly good fun! Why? Well, watch the video…

I don’t really need to say much more. The game is an extension of the original Wii Sports with an add on for the controller that picks up more of your movements. An excellent title overall! There is one thing I just want to point out… The way this game works and how the Motion Plus add-on works? This is franky what I expected of the Wii when I first got it. The release of this add on has shown that this simply wasn’t the case.. well, not anymore 🙂