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// January 1st, 2009 // Geeky Stuff, General

Another year has gone by and another recount of my spam has been made, and I’m very surprised! Just as Anne Cohen collected her junk mail, I’ve been collecting my spam to see how much is being sent out every year.

Now I don’t know if it’s anything I’ve done, or if spam is going out of fashion, because between 01/01/08 00:00 and 31/12/08 23:59, I received a grand total of:

2,024 spam emails

This works out, on average, as one spam e-mail every 4 hours 20 minutes and 24 seconds! It’s also less than 1/10th the amount of spam I got the previous year!

Popular spam this year has been:

  • Natwest Bank security and account management alerts
  • Casino welcome bonuses
  • Bogus System Administrator, Postmaster, and Mailer Daemon emails
  • FreebieGB offers
  • Completely blank emails (no from address, subject and body)
  • “Do you want enlarge your penis?” emails (Answer: no thanks, not necessary 😉 )

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