A little bit of rearranging

// April 19th, 2009 // Geeky Stuff

There’ve been two issues I’ve had since I moved into the flat:

  • The early morning sun shines in my face, which isn’t good… especially after a night out on the lash
  • If I’m on the computer and the room seems stuffy, opening the window takes a while to freshen it up because the desk is in the far corner

So today I decided to kill two birds with one stone… I’ve swapped the bed and desk around in my bedroom! My bed’s out of the direct sunlight now, and my computer desk is right by the window. The moment I open the window, I immediately feel the fresh air come in. It was also a good thing too that I moved the PC, because it made me see how much dust will still in the machine when I moved. *Blows dust out* *coughs* *splutters* There… that should help keep the temperature down.

As you can see, there’s not a lot to report right now, but I have a feeling there will be soon…

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