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Holiday time!

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Yup, time for a holiday! I’ll be spending a week in North Scarle with the rest of the family. It’s a fishing holiday though, and I’m not one for fishing, so I’ll be out visiting different areas nearby, thanks to having my own car now! I’ll post some photos on here when I get back!

I’m so excited!

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Absolutely knackered as well, but still excited! I don’t think I could be any more excited! Sure, I FINALLY got my new phone on Friday, and I’m very happy about that, but something else has happened…

…I’ve met someone! ūüėģ (more…)

It’s finally arrived!

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I had a team meeting today at work and I just couldn’t concentrate properly. I had one eye out the window looking out for a UPS van dropping off my new phone. I wasn’t sure if it was going to arrive today, as it could have easily have been Monday instead. My boss wasn’t too happy with my lack of interest in the meeting…

But halfway through the meeting… I saw the big brown van pull up outside! Woohoo! It’s here!!!

Now maybe I’ll get some sleep!

…or do they?

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On Wednesday, five hundred quid disappeared from my bank account. Today at 14:23 I received confirmation that my Nokia N97 had…


That means one of two things… it’ll arrive tomorrow… or it’ll arrive on Monday!

Please god let UPS provide us with an excellent service and get the phone to me tomorrow!

Nokia lies

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Nokia have been promising for weeks that, if you pre-order the N97 directly with them, you will be amongst the first to receive it, at the latest on the day that it’s released in the shops. However, after hearing about the pre-order troubles that the US had, where pre-order’ers were having to wait until after this date (and in some cases, weeks later) I decided to try and get a straight answer out of Nokia, to see if the same problem is going to happen in the UK. (more…)

Diet Update

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Well.. it’s been a long and difficult journey, which started some time in September 2008 when I looked in the mirror and said to myself “You’ve gotta lose some weight, you fat bastard!”. At 13st 8lbs, the finishing line seemed so far away.

Today, I weighed myself, after 6 days of being under 22 BMI, and I came in at…. (more…)

New Project – Big Brother 10 Mobile Site

// June 13th, 2009 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff, General

It’s that time of the year again. Big brother has hit our screens for the 10th year in a row! It’s only been a week and a bit but it seems pretty good this year, although the housemates (understandably) haven’t fully come out of their shells yet.


Nokia N97 set for 19th June UK Release

// June 2nd, 2009 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff, General

That’s right everyone. Thanks to All About Symbian, I can now reveal that Nokia’s next flagship phone, the N97, will be coming to British shores on the 19th of June. That’s about 2 1/2 weeks from now. (more…)