Diet Update

// June 14th, 2009 // Diet, General

Well.. it’s been a long and difficult journey, which started some time in September 2008 when I looked in the mirror and said to myself “You’ve gotta lose some weight, you fat bastard!”. At 13st 8lbs, the finishing line seemed so far away.

Today, I weighed myself, after 6 days of being under 22 BMI, and I came in at….

21.78 BMI

That’s it! I’ve done it! I’ve reached my final weight target! Oh, it’s been a while… 9 months to be exact… but I’ve lost all the weight I’ve wanted to lose! I’m probably a little under, but I can happily say, even after having pigged myself at a restaurant…

I am 11 stone and I’m at my perfectly ideal weight!

(cue the fireworks)

• Reach 22 BMI or below
• Get a weekly average of 22 BMI or below
• Get 7 consecutive days of 22 BMI or below

So what’s next for the AIIP (Andy Irvine Improvement Programme)? Soon, I’m going to try to get hold of some dumb bells so I can start to tone up my arms a bit. I’m also going to continue with some muscle building exercises on the Wii Fit to strengthen up my abs and pecs. I’m not going to go full out, just get a little toned and strengthen up a bit.

I haven’t got the foggiest how long this will take, maybe even another 9 months?? That means I’d be ready by March 2010! I hope it’s at least a little faster than that. I’ve gotten rid of most of my body fat, so that might make muscle toning a little easier (or at least more noticable).

“But Andy, why’re you doing all this?” I hear you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. It boils down to two main reasons:

  1. I want to be respected – I’ve always either been a weakling or a fatty. I believe this is the reason why my self esteem isn’t that great, and with self esteem… comes respect. I’ve always been considered “cute” by others. You don’t respect something that’s cute. You want to protect it and to cuddle it (although I do like my cuddles 😛 ). Sure, I can lose 37 lbs and feel better about myself, but it’s only one step closer to what I want. I want to be respected, and before you can demand respect from others, you’ve got to earn it from yourself first.
  2. Women here are shallow! – Today, we live in a world where “hunky” men are slapped on the front covers of our magazines, which gives women of our generation a different idea of what kinds of men should be considered as “attractive”. They have perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect complexions, and perfectly toned bodies, which doesn’t give us genuine guys a chance. I could be the nicest guy out there, but women will still choose a toned arsehole with brain cells that wouldn’t even challenge a glass of water. As far as I’m concerned, any woman around here in my age range who says they’d rather choose brains over brawn is a stinking liar, and the proof can be seen all around. There’s the odd large guy, and the odd weakling, but about 95% of the guys round here are toned. Why? Supply and demand, my friend… Supply and demand…

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