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One step closer to a proper cinema system

// August 27th, 2009 // No Comments » // Geeky Stuff, General

Remember this?

Yup, it’s the box that used to be the server at my old place. It was lacking a hard drive before but now I’ve fitted a modest… 20Gb drive. (more…)

Chester Zoo

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Carly and I decided to take a day out and go to Chester Zoo. I think we chose the best day for it. It was hot and sunny, and there were loads of animals out as well! Plenty of opportunities to take great photos, like this one:

I’ve uploaded my pictures to the Photographs section so go on, have a look then!

A little bit of TLC

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Just a quick note, really. My parents stopped by this weekend and brought some RAM for me that they weren’t using… and couldn’t use, as it’s incompatible with their computers. As a result, I’ve now got 3.5Gb of RAM, only 512Mb short of the 4Gb maximum that the motherboard can take.

The computer is, again, noticeably faster than before! Especially after I’ve just also deleted 100Gb of crap from the hard drives and defragmented them.

I should be fine with this set up for quite some time then…