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Hi again everyone!

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You may have noticed that I haven’t updated my blog for ages! I’m so sorry about this! I’ve been busy with all sorts of stuff, like living a life! Haha!

Anyway I’m going back through the last couple of months right up to when I received my N97 for key events which are worth putting on here, because that was when I last updated this blog in the first place!

Keep an eye out for posts slightly older than this one! 😛

Beatles: Rock Band

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I decided to share it…

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…cos I’m not a fat bastard! I brought the Jaffa into work and it was very well received!

I fancy having a Jaffa Cake…

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…so I made one!

It’s so big it filled a dinner plate. It is… the… PERFECT size! Now to find a cup of tea big enough for it 😛