Linkin Park’s 4th November gig

// November 6th, 2010 // General

Remember a few months ago I’d purchased some tickets to see Linkin Park live? Well, the gig was just two nights ago and I’m still buzzing from the experience! I’d been waiting years and years for the chance to see them play live, and it finally arrived!!! It was THE most exhilarating moment of my entire life! They played a nice even mix of songs from their new album and a whole bunch of their classic hits. While I was there, I picked up a Linkin Park T-shirt, and a LP-branded CD-R which I can burn a recording of the gig onto when they release the recording in a few weeks time!

Anyone out there who’s even remotely a Linkin Park fan, should definitely go see them! As a little treat, here’s a recording from the gig I made with my phone, of the songs “Wisdom, Justice & Love” and “Iridescent”. I’ll be brutally honest, when Iridescent played, I was so overjoyed that I was close to tears. The night was perfect!!

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