So long flat… hello HOUSE!!!

// October 15th, 2011 // General

After almost 3 1/2 years of living in a flat, I have now moved into a fully-fledged house!!

Why did I move? Well first and foremost it was cheaper, £85 cheaper a month in fact! That’s a HUGE difference, and should make getting by every month that bit easier. Secondly, it’s larger. The flat was a single bedroom place, whereas this is a 2 bedroom house. There’s definitely more room here, and the 2nd bedroom means I can have people stay over… or simply turn it into a study. Thirdly, it’s part-furnished. The flat I used to live in was fully furnished – sofas, bed, TV, fridge/freezer, washer-dryer, everything was included. Sure, that means that if anything goes wrong I don’t have to foot the bill and, instead, the landlord would take care of it, but it also meant that I couldn’t get anything of my own in that place.

That last point actually leads me to the fourth reason why I moved. The landlord was impossible to get hold of at my last place. I’d leave him message after message about this, that, and the other, and he never got back in touch with me. He only finally called me back when I said I was moving out, which is bloody useless if you ask me. He probably thought that, since I was there for such a long time, that he didn’t really need to do anything since I was a reliable tenant.

In all honesty, I’d rather have my own stuff and deal with the problems myself rather than have someone else sort it out who is never there when you need them. This is something that I sorted out as much as possible right away at this new place. When I took a look at it the first time round, it had two brand new leather sofas in the living room, but I requested they be removed so I can put my own sofas in. This is feeling like a bad decision at the moment, cos it means I have no seating in my living room right now. No worries though, because I’m finally getting the sofas from my old workplace. I’d arranged it months ago before I was made redundant, and I’ve only now moved. Thankfully they’re still available.

What am I going to do about everything else that’s missing? Aha! Already taken care of, my friend! My new workplace has been kind enough to help me out with my move. I pay them back every month (until, obviously, it’s all paid back) and they’ll help me with the amenities that I need to live. I got a fridge/freezer from Argos – not a massive one… in fact, it’s one of the cheapest they sold, and I also got a tabletop dishwasher from them as well (I don’t want to hand-wash all of my dishes!!). Lastly, I found a refurbished washer-dryer on eBay for a very good price too. As you can see, I haven’t taken the piss. I didn’t go for top-of-the-range goods or anything. I went for items that were reasonable and cheap, which kept costs down, which means I’ll be able to pay them back sooner. Sadly I don’t have any of these things yet, so I’m going to have to cope without for the next few days.

The next thing to sort out is an internet connection at this new property. I don’t think this place even has a phone line, so this might take a while…

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