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The Samsung Galaxy SII and my Ice Cream Sandwich Nightmare

// April 28th, 2012 // 1 Comment » // Geeky Stuff

Since it’s official launch in October 2011, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) has been rolling out for existing Android devices over the last couple of months. It’s probably safe to say that the most eagerly awaited ICS update to come out for any Android device is the one for the Samsung Galaxy SII – the best selling Android phone of 2011, and a phone I’m proud to say that I own.

Om nom nom nomHowever, the whole updating process has been an absolute farse for most SII owners, and has been racked with problems from the off. Even I had difficulties, and I’m a holder of a BSc Hons degree; and was the update worth it? In so many words: no, unless you know what you’re doing. Get ready for a rant…