A productive couple of days

// April 5th, 2002 // Geeky Stuff, General

Ahh, I’ve finally had a little more relaxation. Any work that I’ve done over the past couple of days was work that I actually WANTED to do. The other day I didn’t do much though, spent the day with Helen 🙂 We went swimming yesterday. T’was fun, except that there were shitloads of bloody kids! I was sorely tempted to drown them all. Of course, as always, me and Helen laughed at all the fat kids! (Maybe that’s why the water level was WAAY higher than it should’ve been).

But the rest of the day we stank of chlorine 😡

Anyways, went home, watched East Is East (Very funny) and then she went home.

Today I decided to implement the news script on The Pygmys website as well. I know there’s not much news that goes in there and the band’s gonna be splitting up soon for University, but what the hell 😛

I also sorted out the archive on this site today. It took a while, but it’s up and running. Pity the random quote in the top-right corner doesn’t seem to wanna work properly on it. It just shows a random number for some reason. I’d better ask radiac about that later when he gets back from the pub (IF he gets back, that is).

Oh BTW, the picture in the last entry is of potato slices and bacon bits in a brie and mushroom sauce. It was quite nice, surprising, but it would’ve been better with chedder.

Am I a cheese freak?

Thought so…

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